Fifty Mile Beach

I stopped on my way to Toronto Saturday (9/10/16) at Fifty Mile Point Conservation Park near Grimsby Ontario with plans to shoot a number of shots of the old pilings set against a very grey, stormy Lake Ontario. Four photos in and I got absolutely soaked by a shower that snuck up behind me. I did get one good image out of the stop however and will definitely return again.

This really points to preparedness, knowing your conditions, planning your vision as far in advance as possible, and making the most of the time you have. I had come to this location for the first time, based on the images of someone else whose work I greatly respect. I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish and given the time I feel I would have gotten a number of really good images. The conditions weren't great and the stop wasn't my primary focus for the day. I never saw the rain coming until it was too late and I did try to stick it out. In the end I came home with one image that I am exceedingly proud of and a greater understanding of the location and it's potential for the future. Most likely any future trips will not have the same conditions so this image is a singular event that will most likely not be repeated. That is what makes landscape photography such a rewarding experience.