New Blog!

So after a few years of learning my craft I have decided to start a blog about what I do and where I go to shoot my visions of this part of the world. I have only been seriously shooting for a couple of years but I am semi-retired so I have the luxury of working on honing my skills every day.

I started as a birder and the photo was all about proving I saw the bird in question. Somewhere along the way I began thinking more about the photo and less about the bird. One thing led to another and now I consider myself a recorder of Nature, Wildlife and the general Urban/Rural existence here in Western New York and Southern Ontario.

My desire with this blog is to show where my travels take me, what I see along the way, and how I create the images that appear on the site, this blog, Facebook, 500px, Viewbug, and Flikr. Feel free to ask questions or comment on what you see here.